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Laminate Flooring

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Why Choose Laminate Flooring


You've got growing kids, friends you don't see enough, a couple of loving pound puppies, and a day job that never ends—the last thing you want to add to your plate is a costly, high-maintenance floor. The occasional mess that comes with a busy lifestyle won't stand a chance against laminate floors, which offer easy resilience you won't have to worry about. Let today's technology help you out while also giving you a look you absolutely love! 


Wood-Look Laminate Flooring


You're not limited to solid hardwood if you're searching for a stunning wood look to warm up your space. Wood-look laminate floors add character without compromising durability, all at an affordable price. Simply pick the color, undertone, and texture that suits your style and you're set!


What Is Laminate Flooring?


If you're interested in a smart, affordable alternative to tile, stone, or hardwood flooring, laminate flooring deserves your attention. This man-made material can fool many at first glance thanks to the well-engineered multi-layer construction. Between a sturdy core layer, a high-definition photo layer, and a protective top layer, laminate floors have durability literally built in. You can even find waterproof variations on the market, which include resins in the core layer to resist liquid. This option would be perfectly suited for your home if muddy paw prints, wet towels, and constant spills are regular occurrences.


Laminate Flooring Appearance


From polished marble to on-trend white oak wood and everything in between, laminate flooring has the bases covered when it comes to design options. Finding the perfect match for your home's unique decor won't be a problem. Wood-look laminate mimics authentic hardwood like ash, walnut, maple, birch, and other popular species down to the texture and grain detail. The realistic look and impressive resilience make laminate flooring an incredibly popular choice for all types of homeowners, no matter what stage in life.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring


If you've looked at homes on the market lately, you've noticed the prevalence of laminate floors. They're popular because they have a ton of advantages, like: 


There are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as: 


Laminate Flooring Durability


Are you worried that laminate flooring won't be able to withstand the amount of toy monster truck races, dog zoomies, and spilled juice your home sees on a daily basis? Then you'll be happy to learn that the multi-layered construction of laminate flooring has you covered. Long-term durability is a given with laminate's compressed wood base and protective top layer, keeping scratches, scuffs, and Fluffy's occasional claw marks at bay. 


Laminate Flooring Lifespan and Installation


How long your laminate floors will serve your home is a big factor when you're making a final decision. The good news is that under the right conditions, you can expect many worry-free years with the perfect laminate flooring underfoot. These conditions include: 


One of the biggest influences on the longevity of this significant investment is how it's installed. This is no time to skimp. Working with a pro Flooring America installer can make all the difference. Not only will an experienced professional have all the necessary tools but you'll also avoid the headache of voiding a warranty from a missed step.


Maintaining Laminate Floors


Make life even easier for you and your family with laminate flooring. It's a breeze to maintain, requiring little more than regular sweeping with a broom or dry mop —in fact, you could probably hand this off to your kids at chore time! Deeper cleaning on occasion doesn't hurt, but be sure to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Though laminate is water resistant, it's still important to clean up any spills or accidents to avoid reducing your floor's lifespan.


Laminate Flooring FAQs 


What is the difference between vinyl and laminate flooring?


Great question! Vinyl and laminate flooring often look and feel very similar, but the way they're made differentiates them. Vinyl has a manmade waterproof core while laminate flooring often has a wood-based core that will suffer some damage if water gets to it. 


Is hardwood better than laminate?


It depends! If you're looking for solid flooring that will age gracefully alongside you for decades to come and add to value to your home should you sell, hardwood may be better for you. But if you're looking for an affordable, durable wood-look that doesn't buckle or warp with a little moisture exposure, laminate is the ideal choice. 


What is better: laminate or vinyl flooring?


Your local Flooring America experts are used to the vinyl flooring vs. laminate question, and for good reason. The truth is that they're both great for various reasons. Vinyl has a waterproof core that works well in high-moisture areas while laminate floors offer budget-friendly durability. 


How much does laminate flooring cost?


The price you'll pay for laminate flooring depends on a few factors. The type and quality you select influence it the most, along with how much laminate you need for your space. The type of top coat and its thickness can also contribute to the price, for instance, a polyurethane top coat would protect it against moisture but may come with a higher price tag. 


How long do laminate floors last?


You can expect to get many years from your laminate flooring if it's properly installed and maintained based on the manufacturer's recommendations. The lifespan of floors will vary from home to home and depend on other factors, too, like how much traffic the floor gets.


What is the best laminate flooring?


The best laminate floors are the ones that meet your family's needs! You can find a waterproof laminate that can easily hold up to frequent accidents, as well as the most durable laminate for your big, active household. For the latter option, look for a product's abrasion class (AC) rating to help guide you. The ratings are on a scale of 1 to 6, with AC4 being the optimal choice for action-packed homes wanting both comfort and resilience. 


Specific Laminate Floor Types